Meataverse CHEFs

CHEFs Series 0 Minter for the MEATAVERSE on the MultiversX blockchain.

It is time to bring your very own CHEF out of the MEATAVERSE kitchen. minting fee 0.25 EGLD limit of 4 CHEFs per wallet! Also note ...for this special prelaunch series, they will go fast, so do not delay and stuff...






Dec Phase 0 Series

  • 74 CHEFS available from Romania

Jan Phase 1 Series

  • 150 CHEFS available from a secret place! Price raise to .5 EGLD.

Later some time, Phase 2 Series

  • 300 CHEFs available from a secret place, 1 EGLD.


Kevin Grillmaster

Kevin Grillmaster

Is responsible for all of this.

Elven Tools Dapp Template (v3.3.0)
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